Rulebook & Bylaws

National High School Rodeo Association Rule Book

The North Dakota High School Rodeo Association follows the rules of the National High School Rodeo Assn.

The rule books are updated and printed every three years.  You can pick up a new rule book from me at any of our upcoming rodeo’s.

In the meantime, I’ve attached a pdf of the new rule book for you to review and/or print.  If you print the whole book off or just a few pages, you will want to be sure to select the “fit” option on your print screen.  Then it will print on the whole page  (larger print) or it will print the same size as the rule book.  

2022-2024 NHSRA Rulebook

Rule Changes:

  1. There is NOT a limit on size of calves for jerk-down.  The rule book has a weight limit but that should not have been put in there. 

  2. Contestants must maintain forward motion in the goat tying just like the barrels and poles once they enter the arena. 

2022 NDHSRA By-Laws

NDHSRA Director Chart

NDHSRA Director Chart